Below is a list of all the WordPress plugins, tools, and services that you can use, please use the plugins below, and I have provided a tutorial on each of these recommended plugins. The plugins below are a list that has been tested and is also very widely used by wordpress lovers in the world.


Akismet (?)

Use Akismet to ward off SPAM on your wordpress site, you can use akismet for free or paid.

disqus comment

Disqus (?)

Use Disqus for comment management on your wordpress site, many advantages and features are provided by disqus.

all in one seo plugins

All in one SEO (?)

All in one SEO you can use as a powerful plugins to help improve SEO on your wordpress site.

yoast seo

SEO by Yoast (?)

SEO by Yoast SEO plugins are widely used by wordpress users because of their great ability for SEO.

w3 total cache plugins

W3 Total Cache (?)

W3 Total Cache is a plugins to store cache, so that your wordpress site can be accessed faster.

wordpress supercache

Wp Super Cache (?)

Wp Supercache is the same plugins as w3 total cache, useful for storing cache for fast websites.

better wp security

iThemes Secuirty (?)

Wp Better Security is a very powerful plugins in protecting your wordpress site in terms of security.


CloudFlare (?)

CloudFlare is a powerful web Applications Firewall, distributed proxy server and content delivery network.

Wp optimize the databe

WP Optimize (?)

Wp Optimize is a powerful plugins to optimize your wordpress site database, making it faster.

google xml sitemap

Google XML Sitemap (?)

Google XML Sitemap is a plugins that many bloggers use on wordpress to create XML sitemaps.


Social Share (?)

Floating Social Bar is a Fixed Social plugins used for sharing articles on various social media.

seo friendly image

SEO For Image (?)

SEO Friendly Image is a plugins that automatically add ALT and Title attributes to images in WordPress.

contact form7

Contact Form7 (?)

Contact Form7 is the best plugins that you can use to create various forms and types.

jetpack wordpress

Jetpack (?)

Jetpack is one of the best wordpress plugins that has a lot of features, there are 30+ jetpack features.